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happy healthyFor individuals and families interested in a personalized care, we offer Concierge Medicine with unlimited access to your physician. Concierge Medicine is designed to ease access to your primary care physician, facilitate appointments with top specialists, coordinate care and put an end to long wait times. Members can be assured that their healthcare needs will be addressed efficiently and effectively no matter where or when they occur.


Concierge Medicine – direct unlimited phone and Skype access to your physician as well as appointments within 24 hours (usually the same day), personalized approach on wellness and preventive care as well as meeting your comprehensive health needs.


As Concierge Medicine members, individuals are able to take advantage of the following premium services:

  • Direct unlimited 24/7 telephone and Skype access to your physician.
  • Guaranteed same day or next day appointment with your physician.
  • Assistance with scheduling and coordinating appointments for diagnostic studies and medical follow-up.

Concierge Medicine Plans.

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  • Exceptional Medical Care
  • Expert Patient Advocacy
  • Wellness and Consultancy Program
  • VIP Services


  • Improving Health
  • Preserving Privacy
  • Empowering Individuals
  • Personalized Physician Care

Get the peace of mind you deserve.

Get Concierge Care.

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